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located at elevations from 3200 – 6450 ft above msl
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Company Profile

Carrying forward a lineage that dates back over 136 years to the British Colonial Raj era, the Kanan Devan Hills Plantations Company Private Limited (KDHP) succeeded Tata Tea Limited on 1st April, 2005, when the latter exited most of its plantations in Munnar to focus on the growth of its branded tea business. During the year 2004-2005, owing to the general crisis prevalent in the tea industry at the time, Tata Tea Ltd restructured and came up with a proposal to transfer its holdings in the Kanan Devan Hills Village. This was done as part of a restructuring exercise evolved through a detailed study, particularly taking note of the prevalent crisis in the tea industry.

Thus, the Kanan Devan Hills Plantations Company was formed, making it the largest employee-owned tea company in the world. Encompassing the Participatory Management System of operations, where the shareholders of the company are mainly its employees – a novel concept in the plantation industry credited to the farsighted vision of the company’s Founding Managing Director, Late. Mr. T.V. Alexander

To consistently produce safe and high-quality products, exceeding customer expectations, at the lowest cost and creating an environment for work excellence, ensuring sustained growth with commitment towards social and environmental values.

To collectively create a unique and sustainable business with the commitment and involvement of all the employees as partners.


To conduct our business with complete transparency while aiming for excellence in every sphere of our operations; protecting the environment and treating people with care and compassion

What we produce

Varieties of tea

We have 16 factories and we produce
we manufacture different types of tea.

Speciality Tea

Immerse yourself in exquisitely fragrant Munnar’s finest teas, grown, harvested and processed with utmost care to give you a characteristic and delightful taste to your taste buds.

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Black Tea

From the daily use teas to be served with milk or enjoyed without milk, Ripple tea has an extensive range of normal and flavoured black teas to suit every palate.

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Green Tea

The extensive range of speciality to everyday use green teas from Ripple Tea are single origin high grown teas which gives you a refreshing and soothing cup.

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Ice Tea

If hot beverages are not your style, Ripple Ice Tea powder and concentrates available in many flavours helps you get refreshed in less than 2 minutes.
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Flavoured Tea

Our black and green teas from Munnar, are added with Natural flavours to suit your every mood and taste.

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Essential Oils

Try our wonderful collection of oils and aroma all delivered from the hills of Munnar to your doorstep.

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Our Speciality Products

We have ventures other than tea Manufacturing..

KDHP's Ventures

We look at diversifications of income generation.

Bungalows are owned & managed by KDHP

Tea Bungalows

We have more than 25 Bungalows projects, we are providing 8 Bungalow’s to experience the colonial era..

We Are Since 1877!

In 1877 Henry Gribble Turner and A.W. Turner came to India for shikar, reached the mountains by a pass called the Bodimettu and guided by the local hill men, the Mudhuvans, eventually reached the summit

1877 +

Mile stones

1 +


Corporate social responsibility

KDHP Company has always strived through its endeavors to make a positive contribution by engaging and supporting a wide range of welfare, Socio Economic, Educational, Sports and Health initiatives in the community that it operates. Responsibility towards the society is one of the key objectives of the company, a fact that is evident from its mission statement.Apart from ensuring

Plantation Map

Plantation map of KDHP

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