Chai Bazaar

Grahamsland Outlet - Chai bazar

Take a walk through Munnar town and you are sure not to miss the ‘Chai Bazaar’ a retail outlet that sells plantation fresh products from KDHP Co (P) Ltd. Munnar. The renovated outlet is situated below the corporate office of the company, the building in itself being an iconic landmark in the tiny tea town of Munnar. Historically, this building had been a railway station when the Kundaly Valley Light Railway was operational during the colonial times. The beautifully landscaped garden attached to the building is a treat to the eye for tourists who pass the building. Step in to the ‘Chai Bazaar’ and you would be amazed by the choice of plantation fresh products ranging from Variety of Black Teas, Green Teas, Speciality teas , White Tea, Flavoured tea, Ice Tea and coffee. The outlet also sells Handmade Chocos in various flavours and are a treat to your taste buds. The medicinal and aromatic oils that are sold through the outlet are of high quality and are in great demand. The very well trained staff at the outlet amaze the visitors with their extensive knowledge of the products and would help visitors buy a variety of products based on the individuals’ palette and requirements. Being in a tea town, you would definitely want to taste this refreshing beverage. When all across tea is sold through vending machines, at Chai Bazaar tourists can buy freshly brewed tea, the distinct taste of freshness which it gives, is a delight.  Tourists can also buy Pastries or munch on a snack or two. These products are from ‘Deli’ a bakery unit established by the Tata Group for the rehabilitation of differently abled individuals in the community. The company has presently 5 outlets across various vantage points in Munnar, offering tourists visiting Munnar a hassle free shopping experience. The company has also extened its Franchisee out;et in Kumily and is on the look out for Franchisee partners to venture into other parts of India.

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