The extensive range of teas and products from KDHP Company are presently available across Kerala and most parts of Tamilnadu. There has been a huge demand of these products from tourists who have visited our ‘Chai Bazaar outlets’ from the length and breadth of the country. To cater to their requirements, the company launched its E-Commerce site www.rippletea.com and delivers these products across the country. The products are presently available in Amazon India as well.

Our Speciality Products

What we produce

Varieties of tea

We have 16 factories and we produce
we manufacture different types of tea.

Speciality Tea

Immerse yourself in exquisitely fragrant Munnar’s finest teas, grown, harvested and processed with utmost care to give you a characteristic and delightful taste to your taste buds.

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Black Tea

From the daily use teas to be served with milk or enjoyed without milk, Ripple tea has an extensive range of normal and flavoured black teas to suit every palate.

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Green Tea

The extensive range of speciality to everyday use green teas from Ripple Tea are single origin high grown teas which gives you a refreshing and soothing cup.

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Ice Tea

If hot beverages are not your style, Ripple Ice Tea powder and concentrates available in many flavours helps you get refreshed in less than 2 minutes.
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Flavoured Tea

Our black and green teas from Munnar, are added with Natural flavours to suit your every mood and taste.

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Essential Oils

Try our wonderful collection of oils and aroma all delivered from the hills of Munnar to your doorstep.

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