Corporate Social Responsibility


KDHP Company has always strived through its endeavors to make a positive contribution by engaging and supporting a wide range of welfare, Socio Economic, Educational, Sports and Health initiatives in the community that it operates. Responsibility towards the society is one of the key objectives of the company, a fact that is evident from its mission statement. Apart from ensuring that it strictly abides with all statutory and welfare measures as per provisions of the various enactments applicable to the plantations, the company has provided welfare schemes on its own like, free electricity for certain category of employees, assistance for procuring LPG connection, Fuel Subsidy, facilities for cattle rearing, land for maintaining Kitchen garden, free issue of hot tea at the work spot, sanitation workers for cleaning the surroundings of housing provided and a whole lot of other facilities for sports, recreation and cultural activities.


Welfare of the employees of the company has been one of the core values that the company has always believed in. The Participatory Management Structure has helped employees voice their concerns and requirements from the divisional level. The company also engages an independent expert to conduct a social audit every year and rewards the Best Estate and Best Hospital based on the scores received in the audit. All aspects of labour welfare are covered in this audit. Rice being a major requirement for the work force and the instability in its price at the local market, lead the company to intervene and procure rice in bulk directly from the mill, and distribute it to the employees at cost price with credit facility, which has helped in making considerable monthly savings for every family.

Socio Economic development

Progress without complimenting development of the society does not yield a sustainable development for any organization; a principle the company bears in mind in all the policies that it adopts.
One such initiative that the company has given thrust upon to uplift the condition of the women and empower them is the aid given in formation of Self Help Groups across its seven estates. The project was carried out in such zeal that, today there are nearly 300 SHG’s with total membership counting to 5150. These groups carry out activities like micro finance, stitching bags, producing phenyl, soaps along with carrying out welfare activities. These groups have become a blessing to the families with low income level, and have shown our women who are the backbone of the industry, additional ways of generating income. The company has always played a supportive role towards their activities by giving them guidance and providing training facilities.

Educational support

The company provides free schooling upto primary level for the children of the employees. Apart from this, it extends its appreciation for meritorious students through rewards and felicitations every year. As part of its recruitment policy, the company absorbs qualified children of its employees. The company has introduced the KDHP Scholarship, which is given to the student achieving the highest marks in twelfth standard exams from the KDHP family. The dedicated welfare wing of the company helps employees to avail scholarships promoted by various bodies like UPASI, Tea Board etc for their children.


The company’s Medical Department is involved in providing comprehensive health care to the employees and their family members, which includes maternal & Child welfare, immunization, family planning, environmental sanitation, potable water supply, health education, occupational health, Tribal welfare etc. The community& Social welfare development department conducts health exhibitions in each of the estate every year.

Social Outreach initiatives

The company has been constantly supporting and encouraging communities that are indegenous to the land through its social out reach programmes. Further small scale tea growers in Idukki District are also being provided with knowledge on tea cultivation as well as free medical camps are being arranged for them. 

Tribal welfare is another area where the company has relentlessly continued with the purely voluntary activities begun by its predecessors. The company is extending all medical assistance to the ‘Muthuvan’ tribe in the estate hospitals and by organizing medical camps across the various hamlets located in the periphery of company’s estates. They are also involved in the health exhibitions and functions organized in the company’s estates.

Help the Needy fund: A Little means a lot

From time immemorial, the plantation district has always opened its arms to support the poor and the destitute. The forum was re-christened as the Help the Needy Fund in 1968. This forum that had been put in place for extending support to the under privileged, has over the years, developed in-to a comfort for many. The HTNF is managed by the plantation community through donations, contributions and annual Gala Fete events that all members of the KDHP fraternity actively participate. The proceeds from such fetes are judiciously used to provide financial support to the needy.

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