Ripple Flavoured Green Teas
Ripple Flavoured Green Teas

Ripple: Flavoured Green Teas

Green Tea is known as the healthiest beverage and is popular with everyone as it is filled with antioxidants and nutrients. Green tea is an acquired taste and many find it difficult to consume in its original flavour. If you would like to try green tea, but want the same in interesting flavours, then here are some special Green Tea flavours brought to you by Ripple, Munnar.

Ginger Green Tea

Ripple Ginger Green Tea is a god digestive agent and contains all the good properties of both Green tea and ginger. Among all the spices used, ginger is a preferred ingredient for tea. It may be due to the punch and distinct flavour that it adds to everything it is mixed with. Ginger also has a multitude of health benefits. Ripple’s Ginger Green Tea is a single brew tea and best taken without milk. Its natural ginger flavour brings back memories of that long forgotten rainy day with family/friends, when your mother brought you freshly ground ginger tea. Today, you can brew it in a few minutes and yet get the same rich taste that will bring back warm memories. Ripple Ginger Green tea is a blend of delicate green tea with the mild spicy and relaxing flavour of ginger.

Lemon Green Tea

Ripple Lemon Green Tea is a refreshing variety of green tea with natural lemon flavour. It can be used for a single brew and it is best consumed without milk. Lemon in itself has a lot of health benefits and is also considered as nature’s antiseptic. When we combine tea with lemon, it becomes one of the most preferred beverage around the world. At Ripple, by combining the two, we have created the perfect drink for you that is both refreshing and stimulating. Refresh yourself by enjoying the taste of green tea with the tanginess of lemon with Ripple Lemon Green Tea.

Jasmine Green Tea

Ripple Jasmine Green Tea is a premium flavoured tea with natural Jasmine flavour. It is high on fragrance, flavour and antioxidants. This is the perfect balance of the health benefits of green tea combined with the soothing effects of aroma therapy.  Every hot sip of Ripple’s Jasmine Green Tea will give you an experience of this unique flavour and relax you. Green tea in itself is rich in anti-oxidants and has numerous health benefits. It improves immunity, helps in digestion, cleanses and detoxifies the body at the same time. The sweet floral fragrance of jasmine initiates the aroma therapy process and gives a soothing effect of calming down your nerves and relives you from any sort of stress or anxiety.

Spearmint green Tea

Ripple Mint Greet Tea is a premium flavoured green tea with natural spearmint flavour. It can be used for a single brew and the flavour is both refreshing and digestive. The very popular flavour of Mint is a calming and soothing herb. It has been used for thousands of years for many remedies including the soothing of an upset stomach and to provide relief for indigestion. Mint is also known to increase bile secretion and encourage bile flow. This has a direct positive impact on digestion as it helps to both speed and ease it. Ripple’s Mint green tea enhances your daily cup of happiness with a multitude of health benefits from the extract taken from mint as well as the many properties of green tea.

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