Awards galore!

The name KDHP is synonymous with quality. Unrelenting quality consciousness in all the operations is the cornerstone of our success. The awards we’ve won over the years are a by-product of our efforts to be the best at what we do and we’re more than grateful for them.

Golden Leaf India Awards

The Golden Leaf India Awards, instituted by the UPASI, along with the Tea Board of India, is a competition for tea producers to showcase their quality teas every year. The competition since its inception 14 years back has helped to showcase the quality teas of various regions of South India all over the world.

KDHP has over the years won 41 awards in these competitions in the leaf and dust categories.

Global Tea Championship 2019

KDHP’s Ripple White Tea bagged the Silver Medal, in the Global Tea Championship 2019 Fall Hot Loose Leaf Tea Competition and was ranked No 1 in the Loose / White tea category held at Boulder, Colorado, USA.  This is an independent competition judged by industry professionals which helps establish standards of excellence in the tea industry.

Great Place to Work

KDHP participated in the Great Places to Work survey instituted by the Great Places to Work Institute and partnered by the Economic Times of India in the year 2015. The survey assesses a random sample of employees on factors like their trust in the company as well as an assessment of their feelings towards the company. KDHP ranked No 1 in Great Places to Work for employee involvement and participation. The Company also ranked No 97 in the top 100 Great Places to Work for in India. 708 companies participated in the survey during the year.

Award from Pollution Control Board of Kerala

The Gundumallay Factory, received an award from the Pollution Control Board of Kerala, for its waste disposal measures in the year 2018.

Energy Conservation Award for Fleet Operators 2010 awarded by the Kerala Government

Energy Conservation Award for Energy Management Centre 2019 awarded by the Kerala State Electricity Board

KDHP won the Energy Conservation Award from Kerala State Electricity Board for its Energy Management Centre at the Vaghavurrai Factory in 2019.

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