BeatTheStress with Ripple Tea

#BeatTheStress with Ripple Tea

The world today is getting busier and crazier by the minute and this trend doesn’t seem to be reducing or have any plan of stopping any time in the near future. Unfortunately, the by-product of this trend is a high level of stress and anxiety in people. Stress can be described as a feeling of emotional or physical tension that a person goes through. It can be caused due to anything that makes one feel frustrated, angry, or nervous. Your body is reacting to a challenging situation. We all go through different levels of stress in our daily lives. At times, stress can be even be channelized to ensure that you match a deadline and deliver. However, there is something called too much stress. This can harm your health and even make it difficult to work.

Acute stress is tough to deal with and people are turning to medication, yoga and other means to combat it. There is a search for safer and organic solutions to deal with stress.

What if you can battle this everyday stress by drinking a cup of steaming hot tea?

A study by psychologist, Dr. Malcolm Cross at City University, London, confirms what millions of tea-lovers have long believed: ‘if you are stressed or anxious, it very well pays to make a brew’. The findings reveal that even a single cup of tea can significantly reduce anxiety levels after suffering a stressful experience – and in some cases, make people calmer than they were before. The experiment at the center of the study, placed volunteers in a stressful environment. It showed a 25 per cent increase in anxiety for those who did not consume tea immediately after the stress-inducing test. Conversely, those who happened to consume tea demonstrated a four percent reduction in stress.

Research on the many health-boosting powers of tea shows that not only does a daily cuppa (or more) boost your immune system, reduce inflammation and even keep your memory sharp, but many kinds of tea – and even the comforting methods of brewing it – can also reduce stress, calm anxiety and improve your mood.

Sometimes excessive stress and anxiety may cause sleeplessness. Rose tea is a great natural remedy for stress and anxiety. The relaxing aroma of this tea is enough to put your mind at ease. Sipping this cup of tea before going to bed can help you sleep better as it has a calming effect on your mind.

The polyphenol in green tea is said to help combat anxiety and stress. Although green tea contains some amount of caffeine, it’s apoptogenic in nature is such that it keeps you alert yet calm enough without making you feel drowsy. It is said that an amino acid found naturally in green tea, called theanine promotes relaxation and treats a number of mental health problems. We cannot recommend the use of theanine for treatment or prevention, however increasing your theanine intake by drinking green tea may lead to many health benefits. In fact, studies show that people who regularly drink green tea are protecting themselves against high blood pressure and high cholesterol as well as some forms of cancer.

If you’re new to trying the more exotic varieties, give yourself time to adjust to the new flavors – or consider blending them with other, more familiar varieties like green or white tea. Some herbals, such as lavender and chamomile, also work well with fruit juices to make flavorful iced tea drinks.

So wait no further – go ahead and #BeatTheStress with a refreshing cup of Ripple Tea.

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