In the current world, where most of the people believe in multitasking and following a planned schedule, many like me are procrastinator at heart. People like me believe in delaying tasks and later feel bad about it. As Edward Young rightly said, “Procrastination is the thief of time”. It is a real struggle. I tried various things to overcome and you will be surprised to know that the most effective solution to the problem of Procrastination is “TEA”. Here is how you can beat Procrastination with the help of Tea-

Tea helps to keep the body and the mind relaxed

Most of the time people procrastinate is because they feel too lazy to do a particular task. Having a cup of hot tea can do wonders during this time and help to feel energized again. The whole process of making Tea from scratch and then finally having it helps to keep the mind and the body relaxed, especially when we are in stress.

After a long day at the office, or attending back to back lectures when we feel low on energy, we start feeling frustrated and even small things start annoying us. Tea acts as a savior at that time and helps to cheer up the mood.

Tea helps people to stay active

Procrastinators often find it difficult to multitask. This is because even the idea of doing so many things at the same time is enough to make them feel distracted. This is when tea comes into the picture and can help to increase concentration. With increase concentration, even the most tedious task will seem relatively easy.

During exam times, when we stay awake till late, most of us have had a slight headache which makes it difficult to concentrate and that time, tea is the only go-to option that most of us choose.

Tea is good for health

There are different varieties of Tea available in the market these days, like Green Tea, Black Tea, White Tea, etc. and all of them have some health benefits associated with them. While Green Tea helps to improve metabolism and makes the immune system strong, Black Tea is good for skin and teeth whereas Rose Tea is known to have healing properties. Tea is a healthy alternative to juices and cold drinks. So, no matter which Tea you choose, at the end of the day you will love the changes it will do to you and your body.

Tea helps you in staying hydrated

We all know Tea consists of mostly water. It is very essential for human beings. It helps in the healthier functioning of the brain, which in turn leads to more concentration and activeness. Staying hydrated also helps in improving sleep quality and mood. So, if being hydrated is so important, what better option do we have than Tea?

So, the next time you don’t feel like doing anything productive, grab a cup of tea and enjoy the moment. I am sure it will be an amazing experience. Check out some amazing varieties of Tea at

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