Know about Iced Teas

Iced teas are the ultimate refreshment for scorching and sweltering Summers. Some tangy, some fruity while some sweet, our Iced teas are blends of extracts from green teas and black teas mixed with lemon, lychee, green apple, and peach FLAVOURS. Best consumed chilled/cold, these teas will get you ready to face the summer sun.

About Iced Tea

The cold winter takes away with itself the cravings for a hot cup of tea on a cold and cozy morning or eve. Sweaty summers ask for chilled refreshments. Hence, we constantly search for better, cooler and healthier beverages. Therefore, we have a range of simply amazing iced teas, with a cooler and energizing taste, to revive your mood during summers.

Iced Teas are the perfect summer drink for any time of the day. Refreshment on a summer morning – Iced Tea! Re-energize on hot summer noon –definitely Iced Tea! Need a burst of freshness and energy after a tough day at work –Iced Tea! Looking for a replacement for soft drinks – again.. Iced Tea! The beverage also has a wide range of flavors to choose from, in the market. There’s also options between Black Iced Tea and Green Iced Tea! With a wide range of flavors and types to choose from, you will never get bored of it. Try a new one every day!

Iced Tea Flavors

Many people find it difficult to make Iced tea, as it is believed, making it is a long process, especially for powder ice teas. Hence, we at KDHP decided to innovate and make it a one-step process for you. With our liquid concentrates, all you need to do is add 1 Litre of chilled water to our bottle of concentrate [or choose to make the required quantity in the same proportion of 1:4]. Plus, the flavor variety is simply outstanding. KDHP’s Ripple Tea stocks some really unique iced tea flavors, with options between green and black iced tea and flavors for both. So if you wish to try out new iced tea recipe then KDHP’s Ripple Tea should be your go-to choice.

Perks of Iced Tea

Some of the benefits of consuming Iced Tea are that it helps in staying hydrated while also providing nutrition and nourishment. Iced teas also possess calming, cooling and refreshing properties.

Why Shift to Iced Tea?

With changing lifestyles, health is becoming a critical part of people’s daily lives. Everyone wants to be aware of what exactly they’re consuming and how can they improve their diet and lifestyle for better. Iced tea is that gamechanger for the cold beverages segment. Whilst providing taste and refreshment, it also provides healthy antioxidants with a dash of flavor It is completely herbal and organic and meant to provide energy to the body. While Indians are deeply in love with their chai, there’s only refreshment and delightful smiles at the end of a glass of our Iced Teas.

Buying Iced Tea from KDHP’s Ripple Tea

KDHP’s Ripple Tea believes in serving the best quality products to its customers. All thanks to our tea connoisseurs and experts working at KDHP’s Ripple Tea, the tea is scrutinized down to the last detail before being delivered to the customers. We have a plethora of iced tea flavors available on our website. Some of the best-selling iced tea flavors are Iced Lemon Green Tea, Iced Peach Black Tea, Iced Green Apple Green Tea etc. KDHPs Ripple ice teas are available in both power and concentrated forms.

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