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Struggles of a tea lover!!!

Is it hard for you to imagine a day without a cup of tea? Whenever you go out for shopping, is tea that one thing that is always in your cart? Do you need it multiple times throughout your day? If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’, you are a tea lover and will definitely relate to these daily life struggles!
  1. Constant craving for a cup of tea
Tea lovers need their cup full of bliss every half an hour. Their day begins and ends with tea. Their office hours are laden with numerous small tea break and their favourite accompaniment to lunch and dinner is a piping hot cup of tea. Never mind the total caffeine intake!
  1. Inability to keep a track of the number of cups consumed every day
Tea obsessed people find it hard to remember their daily tea intake and thus end up overshooting the daily caffeine consumption mark of an average human. Time and place are of little consequence to their tea obsession.
  1. Keeping a wide assortment of teas
Tea lovers usually keep a big collection of teas with them. Black, Green,  Lemon tea, Oolong, Jasmine, White tea – you name it! Some people are obsessed with collecting stamps. Some are obsessed with collecting currencies. And tea lovers, most definitely, are obsessed with collecting the different varieties of teas and making sure that the people they love have them.
  1. Confusion is real
Just like there is a song for every mood, there is a variety of tea for every occasion and mood. If they had a bad day at the office, they will have soothing basil or mint tea. If they want to lose weight, they will have green tea. If they want to stay awake late at night, they will have kadak black tea. There is such an overwhelming variety to choose from that the confusion is real.
  1. Gastric issues are real
Long hours at the office and continuously sitting in front of the monitor spiced with constant tea consumption may give birth to gastric and digestive issues. A workout now and then can help but never mind the occasional outbursts of belches and farts. Who can help a tea lover?
  1. Defending the poor tea on every possible occasion
When tea lovers meet the people from the no-tea-only-coffee club, all they can think of is enlightening the poor souls on the benefits and wonders of tea, thereby saving the grace of the herb just like a damsel in distress.
  1. Like their own made cup of tea the most
Tea lovers are usually so occupied with the perfect cup of tea that they are terrified of trying some made by someone who is less reliable in terms of his/her culinary skills. The last thing they want is badly tasting tea.
  1. The paucity of storage space
No matter what the price, tea lovers always like hoarding on different varieties of tea. It is the first thing they load on their cart as if the planet might one day run out of its tea reservoirs. They love the thought of having an unlimited supply of tea even if they don’t have the necessary space to store their collection. Tea is one of the most precious gifts of Mother Nature. There is always a perfect cup of tea for everyone and if you haven’t tried some yet, you are missing out on one of the best things on this planet. Definitely, give it a try! Check out www.rippletea.com for different varieties of Tea.

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