Ripple Chai Break: India Runs on Tea!

Ripple Chai Break: India Runs on Tea!

  • You want to take a break from work. What do you do?

Have a cup of chai!

  • You want to spend time pouring over some reports. What do you do?

Ask for some chai!

  • Sleepy? What do you do?


  • Hungry kya?


One cannot deny that Chai forms such an enormous part of our daily lives. The tea culture in India that can be traced back to centuries is still prevalent today. Tea is something that brings people together and spreads happiness. It is the same with our very own Ripple Tea from Munnar!

We have categorized the different types of tea drinkers that one can find around us. Here is the list:

The health conscious Tea lover

Benefits of drinking tea goes beyond just refreshment. Tea is a drink with enormous health benefits that are attributed to the presence of anti-oxidants in it. Rose tea for better digestion, Black tea for stress reduction and healthy heart, Green tea for weight loss and great skin – These are only a few of the many benefits that tea offer. So this category of tea lovers are the ones who love their cuppa mainly because of its effect on health.

The tea addict

If you can’t start your day without a hot cup of chai and can’t remember the number of cups of tea that you have had at the end of the day – then look no further! This is you! Tea lovers under this category are the ones who wouldn’t mind a cuppa at any point of time in a day. Be it black tea, milk tea, green tea or any of the flavoured teas. A cup of tea is their go- to solution to most of their everyday problems and tea is pretty much an extended part of their soul. After all, there isn’t anything that a cup of tea can’t fix. Ain’t it?!

The de-stress tea drinker

Stress has become an inevitable by-product of the lifestyles we lead today. Different people have different ways to combat stress but a tea lover believes in battling everyday stress by drinking a cup of steaming hot tea! This is the category of people who swear by this magical drink to rejuvenate themselves and bring down the stress levels. Again people’s preference of the type of tea t de-stress vary from black tea to milk tea and some even choose a cut of ice tea!

The tea experimenter

Tea is one of the very few drinks consumed in almost all parts of the world – and each part has its own special way of brewing and consuming it (we have listed them out here for you!). This category of tea lovers are made up of those who love experimenting with the different types of tea – White tea, Rose tea, Cardamom tea, Ginger Tea, Green Tea, Mint tea and more . They are not afraid to try out a new flavour because they know that as long as it is tea, they will love it anyway!

Tea for warmth

If you are feeling chilly and need something to warm you and tea is your go-to drink at such times, then tea means warmth to you! For many, tea (especially Ginger tea) is that drink that will help them get over a common cold or even give you that much needed solace. The warmth of a cup of hot tea just cannot be matched.

Tea for energy

Many people choose tea when they feel low and need that energy shot! Tea has the perfect amount of caffeine and therefore acts as an energiser. Every cup you consume sends messages to the brain that you are no longer tired! After a lot and tiring day, tea gives you that much needed oomph to keep going! The evening tea at the end of a tough day fills one with energy.

So, a refreshing cup of hot tea can definitely help you escape the stress, one ripple at a time!

Do let us know what type of tea drinker you are. If you don’t fall into these categories and can think of another, write to us and we will include your idea in our next post!

All your favourite types of teas are just a click away – Shop now! Don’t forget to tell us how you liked Ripple Tea!

For now, Happy (tea) drinking!

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