Healing Benefits of Rose Tea

Healing Benefits of Rose Tea

There seems to be a significant change in trend as to how people prefer spending time after work hours. While hanging out in bars and restaurants are still popular among the Gen Y and the millennials, quite a significant percentage of people are visiting health-cafes that serve beverages such as green tea, white tea and other low calorie foods. It is this part of the population that is making an effort to look for alternatives from the regular food and beverages containing excess amounts of sugar and unhealthy carbs.

While Green Tea and White Tea are the most popular choices, another alternate variant seems to be making the headlines. Rose Tea is one of the oldest flavoured teas. Ripple Premium Rose Tea combines the fragrance and flavours of roses hand-plucked from our very own organic rose gardens in the Top Station area of Munnar with our exquisite black teas grown and harvested within our estates in Munnar. The end result is a cup that is emotionally soothing and refreshing.

Today, people are consuming it not only for weight loss but also for several other health benefits. Rose tea is prepared by adding dry whole rose blossoms or organic rose petals to tea leaves and boiling them in hot water. Rose petals are a natural source of vitamin C, polyphenols and various mineral and hence act as natural anti-oxidants.

Benefits of drinking Rose Tea include:

Anti Viral Properties – Rose can help bring down the body temperature during a hot summer and also when one is suffering from fever. It has antiviral qualities which can help patients down with flu or cold recover faster.
Detoxification – The ingredients in Rose Tea help to improve the functioning of the liver and hence act as a natural diuretic. It not only relieves fluid retention but also helps in the release of the toxins from the body.
Better Digestion – Tea in general has good antibacterial properties and hence rose tea is useful in fighting against infections in the gastrointestinal tract or the gut. Digestive issues such as bloating, cramping, constipation and even diarrhoea can be relieved with Rose Tea. One should consume this in moderation and monitor how the body reacts when you first begin the intake.
Reduce Sleep Disorders – Rose tea has a natural sedative property which makes it an ideal beverage to consume at night. A cup of rose tea is known to reduce inflammation and reduce stress and hence regulate the hormones related to the sleep patterns. Doctors recommend rose tea for patients who are suffering from insomnia or those who have disturbed or interrupted sleep.
Improves Immunity – Rose tea stimulates the production of WBCs and thereby functions as antioxidants and is effective in lowering oxidative stress. It is therefore a vital part of the immune system.
Reduces Menstrual Discomfort – One of the best remedies for painful periods is rose tea as it helps in regulating hormones and also in the elimination of muscle cramping and mood swings which are generally associated with menstruation.
Lowers risk of Chronic Diseases – It has been discussed earlier as to how the intake of rose tea helps in increasing antioxidants in our body. One of the major causes for chronic diseases such as cancer or cardio vascular diseases is oxidative stress. This is basically cased by free radicals which are the natural by-product of cellular metabolism, which leads to mutation of healthy cells. By increasing the number of antioxidants in the body, one can combat this process and hence lower the risk of experiencing these chronic conditions.
If you haven’t already tried Ripple Rose tea as yet – order now and we are sure it will be a welcomed favourite!

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