Happiness Has A Ripple Effect

Happiness Has A Ripple Effect

Do you know that other than water, tea is the most-consumed drink in the world? People have been drinking tea since the 3rd century AD. Little did we know when the British introduced tea here that India would one day become the largest tea consumer of the world!

Tea is produced in different parts of India, and in the South of India, Munnar in Kerala is home to some freshly grown, top quality tea. This Kashmir of the South, with its sprawling green carpets, produces tea that makes one happy. Rightly so, as is available in diverse colours and distinct flavours to suit everyone like Rose Tea, Black tea, White Tea, Green Tea, Cardamom tea, Ice tea, Peach Tea, Ginger Tea and Masala Tea, to name a few. Having said that, tea is something that brings people together and spreads happiness. It is enjoyed at every occasion.

The tea route to happiness in Munnar begins very early in the morning when the best leaves are plucked from the tea bushes with utmost care to ensure that your cuppa is nothing but perfect. People have agonized over what true happiness is over centuries, and we are telling you now that it is most certainly the moment when you take that first sip of your tea (No matter what flavour). As you close your eyes and immerse yourself in the aroma of the fresh brew of your favourite tea, you have already made the decision to have a happy day/time.

And how does tea make you happy? Why is your cup of tea, a sure shot mood changer? Here are some of the reasons why tea makes one happy and why happiness definitely has a #RippleEffect:

Tea has the perfect amount of caffeine and it is a stimulant that reduces drowsiness. It therefore acts as an energiser every time we take a cup as we are sending messages to our brain that we are no longer tired! Happiness is also about feeling energetic and tea gives you that energy.

Apart from the caffeine, tea has theanine, which is an amino acid. Other than in tea, this is naturally found only in a very rare species of mushroom. For those of us who look at happiness as a relaxed and calm state of tranquillity, tea is what will help in that as theanine helps balance our moods and make us feel good. This in turn acts as a helping agent to lower stress. It is a natural supplement, so when stress stresses you out, you know it’s time for your favourite cup of tea – a perfect combination for happiness!

Tea contains antioxidants like thearubigins, epicatechins, and catechins, which protect us from a lot of things including blood clots and cancer. Tea thus gives our immune system a lift when needed in order to fight viruses. Additionally, tea also boosts our white bloods cell that helps in preventing illnesses. If happiness means being healthy – don’t forget to drink your favourite cup of tea today!

Pain relief
Tea also contains a flavonoid called EGCG (Epigallocatechin 3- gallate). This antioxidant plays a substantial role in reducing inflammation when one is hurt. This in turn reduces the pain that one may feel. If someone is hurt and you want to make them feel better, don’t forget to take some tea!

Beautifying agent
The anti-oxidant and ant-inflammatory properties of tea helps fight aging. The Catechin content of tea also provides UV protection. Certain types of tea like the green tea helps in reducing body fat as it inhibits gastric lipase, pancreatic lipase, and fatty acid synthetase, the enzymes that are responsible for storing body fat. If happiness to you is looking good, then it is tea time!

That elusive state of happiness is closer than you think it is, as happiness is tea and happiness has a Ripple effect! No matter what happiness means to you – Ripple Tea brings it to you! Do you need any more reasons to brew your favourite Cuppa?

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