A variety of Green teas to try from Ripple

A variety of Green teas to try from Ripple

Green Tea is a type of tea that has gained popularity fairly recently due to the multiple health benefits that it offer. It is a preferred type of tea today. At Ripple, we have multiple options for Green tea and here is a look at them.

Ripple Classic Green Tea

Classic Green Tea is a much sought after special Green Tea that is the finest from the beautiful tea gardens of Munnar. The most tender one leaf and a bud produces this fresh and floral tasting green tea. Ripple’s Classic Green Tea is a uniquely processed tea from one leaf and a bud. They are hand-picked from selected clones in the high ranges of Munnar so that only the best leaf find its way into your cup.

This healthy beverage will strike you with its texture and the subtle sweet taste. There is a slight floral note at the end of every sip that will leave you wanting more. The inherent quality of the Classic Green Tea makes it a desired choice for all. The high polyphenol content of this premium variety of Green Tea is also rich in anti-oxidants, hence it comes with multiple health benefits. Ripple’s Green Tea Classic is a highly recommended and the most sought out premium specialty product of brand Ripple. This tea can be brewed multiple times. It is consumed without milk.

Munnar Green Tea

Munnar Green Tea from Ripple is a top quality green tea from the very tender two leaf and a bud. It can be distinguished by its fresh and floral taste. Green tea is known for its antioxidant properties and what makes Munnar Green Tea distinctive is its superior high growing conditions. Munnar Green Tea is manufactured from specially harvested tea shoots from the top station. The lush green tea gardens are located at an elevation of 6000 to 7500 feet above MSL in Munnar.

If you enjoy a softer taste and would still like to enjoy the health benefits of Green Tea, then Munnar Green Tea is the right Green Tea for you! It has a unique smoothness in its taste and a very pleasing flavour. It can be brewed multiple times and no milk is added to it.

Munnar Heritage Green Tea

Munnar Heritage Green Tea is our mark of respect to the pioneer planters. It is Green Tea from the very first tea bushes planted in Munnar. These bushes were planted in 1880 in Parvathy Hills. In fact this rare tea from Munnar comes almost entirely from the Parvathy hills of the present Letchmi Estate. They are over a century old and have been painstakingly maintained to remind us of the history of Munnar Tea plantations.. It is of fine quality and made from one leaf and a bud. There is a special aroma and fragrance in every sip of this tea – maybe it has something to do with the history it represents. They are Single bud leaves and can be brewed multiple times. They are consumed without milk.

Ripple Green Tea

Ripple Green Tea is a delicate green tea made from whole leaf. In order to capture and retain the quality of the leaves and the goodness within it, these teas are panned in specially designed machines. These machines ensure a special processing technique that ensures minimal oxidation. It comprises of the multiple benefits of Green tea and helps regulate body metabolism and reduces cardio vascular diseases, apart from providing various other health benefits. They are broken leaves of green tea. It can be used only for a single brew. It is consumed without milk.

Ripple Premium Green Tea

Ripple Premium Green Tea is a variety of Green Tea that is broken and is therefore strong and very refreshing. These teas are created in specially designed machines that helps in retaining all the goodness of the tea leaves. This special processing technique which ensures minimal oxidation helps regulate body metabolism and reduces cardio vascular diseases, apart from providing various other health benefits. It can be used only for a single brew. It is consumed without milk.

Yellapatty Supreme Green Tea

Yellapatty Supreme Green Tea is a long leaf green tea. It is a light and a smooth flavour of high grown green tea with long leaves. This green tea of supreme variety is manufactured in our green tea facility at Munnar. It is a whole leaf tea that has a subtle high grown flavour that is distinct and unmatched. It is also high on antioxidants and makes it a perfect health drink due to its healing compounds.

Ripple Premium Green Tea bags

Ripple Premium Green tea bags is a double chamber green tea available as tea bags for your convenience. This translates into a high grown, single origin fresh cup of a smooth flavour of green tea. It can be used for a single brew and it is consumed without milk. Each packet consists of 25 tea bags. It has a very mild aroma to it that is due to its high grown factor. It originates from the pristine tea gardens of Top Station that are in the high elevation regions of Munnar. The qualities of greet tea are present in this and it is a healthy variant of tea made in a convenient manner so that you can make the most of it no matter where you are.

Apart from the regular green teas, Ripple also has a wide variety of flavoured Green Teas. Do check them out at www.rippletea.com

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