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  • Tea Museum

    The country’s first ever Tea Museum located at KDHP’s Nullatanni Estate, is just a five minute drive from Munnar Town. The thousands of tourists who visit Munnar for sightseeing can carry home impressions of the distant past of this tea planting district in Idukki’s High Ranges. The aim of the Tea Museum is to depict the growth of this more-than-a-century-old tea plantation district. From the rudimentary tea roller to the present day, fully automated tea factory at Madupatty, the Tea Museum gives a first hand knowledge about tea processing and the operations that go into the making of black tea.

    From the granite sundial made in 1913 by the Art Industrial School at Nazareth in Tamil Nadu that greets visitors at the entrance to the museum, the memorabilia preserved inside include an iron-age burial urn from the 2nd century BC that was exhumed near Periakanal Estate in the 1970s, the original tea roller of 1905, the rotor vane (the old-time CTC type tea processing machine), the Pelton wheel used in the power generation plant that existed in Kanniamally Estate in the 1920 and a rail engine wheel of the Kundaly Valley Light Railway that transported men and material between Munnar and Top Station during the early part of the last century.

    One of the museum's rooms features the old-time bungalow furniture, cash safe, magneto phone, wooden bathtub, iron oven that used firewood, etc., while another houses antique office equipment such as typewriters and EPABS of the 1909 telephone system that was in use in the High Range.

    There is also a tea tasting demonstration room with a variety of teas on display. The museum also has a mini-CTC and Orthodox tea manufacturing unit to educate visitors on the different aspects of tea processing.

    &This is a must visit site when holidaying in Munnar. Tickets can be purchased at the Museum. The Tea Museum is closed on all Mondays.

    Contact us at: teamuseum@kdhptea.co.in